About Full Stack Disaster Recovery

Full Stack DR is an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) disaster recovery orchestration and management service that provides comprehensive disaster recovery capabilities for all layers of an application stack, including infrastructure, middleware, database, and application.


The terms Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Full Stack Disaster Recovery, OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Full Stack Disaster Recovery Service, Full Stack DR, and Disaster Recovery are used interchangeably throughout this documentation. All the terms refer to the same service.

Figure 1-1 Overview of region map

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Full Stack Disaster Recovery assures comprehensive business continuity from a variety of data center outages to ensure that organizations have a minimal impact from region-wide outages or Availability Domain (AD) outages.

Full Stack DR is flexible enough to easily integrate with various Oracle platforms, non-Oracle applications, and infrastructure. Full Stack DR generates, runs, and monitors disaster recovery plans for services and applications deployed in your tenancy. Full Stack DR operates at the service level, so there is no impact on other services running in your tenancy. Based on your specific needs, you can customize the disaster recovery plans generated by Full Stack DR.

You can actively monitor the progress of Full Stack DR operations and take corrective actions if there are errors during an operation.

You can also validate and monitor business continuity readiness and compliance by periodically running Full Stack DR Prechecks.