Benefits of Full Stack Disaster Recovery

Full Stack DR provides multiple benefits in the area of business continuity.

  • Provides Full Application Recovery: Full Stack DR provides recovery for the entire application stack (business system) instead of recovery of individual components such as databases or compute instances. Business continuity depends on recovering the entire application stack instead of a few select components.
  • Intelligent Plan Generation: Full Stack DR evaluates the topology and deployment characteristics of a variety of application stacks and automatically creates a dedicated Disaster Recovery (DR) workflow for recovering all the components of the application stack in another region.
  • Minimizes Disaster Recovery Time: Full Stack DR eliminates the need to perform manual disaster recovery for individual resources in an application stack, such as application components, middleware, databases, and infrastructure components. You can quickly bring up the entire application stack in a different region using fully automated DR workflows.
  • Validates Disaster Recovery Workflows and Configurations: A common problem with disaster recovery workflows is that topology changes, configuration changes, or environment drift can make disaster recovery workflows unusable because they do not match the environment they are protecting. Full Stack DR provides a comprehensive series of prechecks that you can use to continuously validate the conformity of DR workflows with the application environment you configure them to protect.
  • Reduces Human Errors: Disaster Recovery workflows are error-prone as they require a complicated orchestration of many precise, interconnected steps to be performed by humans. Full Stack DR automates and sequences these steps to provide fast and seamless disaster-recovery operations across regions without human intervention, thus reducing Disaster Recovery (DR) workflow errors.
  • Flexible and Customizable DR Workflows: Disaster Recovery workflows are highly flexible and customizable. You can adapt them to perform DR for any application stack or a set of IT assets. You can add your own callouts and custom logic to any workflow and precisely configure the action of these customizations.
  • Eliminates the Need for Special Skills: The operators and administrators do not require any special skills or domain expertise in areas such as applications, and storage replication. You can create and test DR workflows ahead of time. This process eliminates the need for experts when performing DR operations.
  • Single Pane of Glass Monitoring and Management: Full Stack DR provides a single pane of glass monitoring and management capability for all disaster recovery needs. You can create DR protection configurations, monitor DR readiness, execute DR workflows, and manage errors using the OCI console.