Create Disaster Recovery Protection Groups

Create a protection group for each region that you want to include in a disaster recovery plan.

  1. Open the navigation menu, click Migration & Disaster Recovery.
  2. Click Disaster Recovery or DR Protection Groups to navigate to the home page.
  3. Change the compartment to the compartment in which you want to create the DR Protection Group.
  4. Click Create DR protection group.
  5. Enter a name for the DR protection group.
  6. Select the Object Storage bucket.
    This Object storage bucket will be used to store the DR Plans Execution logs created for this DR Protection Group.
  7. (Optional). From the list, select a role to assign to the DR protection group.
    1. If you have assigned a role, then select a peer DR protection group.
    2. Select the peer region and a peer DR protection group to associate with this DR Protection Group.
      DR will automatically assign the peer DR Protection Group the other role in the peer relationship.
    3. If you do not select a role and peer, you can select these after you create the DR Protection Group.
  8. (Optional). Add members to the DR Protection Group either at this point or later.
  9. Click Create to create the DR Protection Group.