Assigning Oracle Integration Service Roles to Groups

After an Oracle Integration instance has been created, assign Oracle Integration roles to groups of users in Oracle Identity Cloud Service to allow them to work with the features of the Oracle Integration instance.

Does not use identity domains This topic applies only to cloud accounts that do not use identity domains. See About Setting Up Users and Groups.


It's a best practice to assign Oracle Integration service roles to selected groups rather than individual users.

Oracle Integration provides a standard set of service roles, which govern access to features. See Oracle Integration Service Roles. Depending on the Oracle Integration features your organization uses, you may choose to create groups named for the service role they are granted. For example, OICServiceAdministrators for administration permissions.

  1. Open the navigation menu and click Identity & Security. Under Identity, click Federation.
  2. On the Federation screen, select the OracleIdentityCloudService link to view the default Oracle Identity Cloud Service identity federation.
  3. On the Identity Provider Details page, select Groups from the Resources options.
  4. From the table, select an IDCS group to grant the users in the group access.
  5. On the Group Details page, click Manage Service Roles.
  6. On the Manage Service Roles page, locate your integration service (INTEGRATIONCAUTO for Oracle Integration, INTEGRATIONSUB for Oracle Integration for SaaS). At the far right, click Task menu , and select Manage instance access.
    The Manage Access screen lists instances. Note that you must assign roles for each instance individually.
    • Instance names follow this format: displayname-tenancyid-regionid

    • Instance URLs follow this format:
  7. From the Manage Access options, select instance roles for the group under one or more specified instances.
    • For Oracle Integration:

      Description of instance_roles.png follows

    • For Oracle Integration for SaaS:

      Description of instance_roles_for_saas.png follows

  8. Click Save Instance Settings, then Apply Service Role Settings.