Java Download

Java Download allows you to access and download Oracle Java releases associated with both LTS (Long Term Support) and non-LTS versions, through OCI. This includes all publicly available Oracle Java releases from the last 2 years, even those belonging to unsupported Java versions.

Oracle has the following different types of Java releases:
  • Feature releases that introduced changes to the Java SE Platform specification by adding, deprecating, or removing APIs. These releases are publicly available on and to customers through My Oracle Support.
  • CPU (Critical Patch Updates) that focus on addressing critical security vulnerabilities in Java. These releases are publicly available on and to customers through My Oracle Support.
  • BPR (Bundled Patch Releases) and other restricted releases, which are available to customers through My Oracle Support.
Learn more about the Java release types and their cadence at the Java Releases page.

Oracle Java releases are made available under one of the following license terms, depending on the version and the release:


  • Releases under Oracle JDK Long-Term Support versions, JDK 8 and 11, are under OTN license
  • Releases under Oracle JDK non-LTS versions are under NFTC license
  • For JDK Long-Term Support (LTS) versions, excluding JDK 8 and 11:
    • Releases for the first 3 years are under NFTC license
    • Releases after 3 years are under OTN license
  • Ensure that you review the license terms before token generation and download. See Oracle JDK Licensing - FAQs for detailed information.

Java Download lists all Feature and CPU Oracle Java releases in the last 2 years by version and release date. You can access release information and download corresponding binaries directly from Java Download. BPRs associated with the last 3 Oracle Java releases are also listed in Java Download. When you access any BPR, you will be redirected to My Oracle Support. Therefore, Java Download provides a unified platform for viewing and accessing all Oracle Java releases.

Java Download provides information such as:

  • Which versions of Java are currently supported and when does the support expire?
  • Which Java versions are up-to-date and have the latest security patches?
  • When was each release made available and what is the release type?
  • What are the license terms under which the Java release is made available?

You don't need fleets in Fleet Management to use the Java download. OCI users in the Administrators group and those in user groups with the necessary policies to manage reports and tokens are allowed to use Java Download.

Java download helps you download the desired Oracle Java runtime packages:

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