Setting Up Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Fleets

To find out where JMS is available, refer to the table in OCI Data Regions. From the list of data regions that provide your services, select the region closest to your Oracle Cloud users. JMS is a region specific service. See Regions and Domain Availability to learn more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions.

Before you can use JMS Fleets, you must ensure that your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment is set up correctly to allow the communication flow between all required components and cloud services. Ensure that you perform the steps in a compartment that doesn't host a Maximum Security Zone configuration.

You can set up the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for JMS Fleets either using:

The steps mentioned in this topic will help you get started with JMS Fleets and use the basic features. To use the advanced features, JMS Fleets requires the resources and policies mentioned in the Enabling Advanced Features section.