Compare the Log Entries

Some visualization options in Oracle Logging Analytics let you compare two log entries and display the changes in patterns.

Some sample use cases where you may want to compare log entries are:
  • Determine what was different in the log stream right after a failure as compared to a normal period.

  • Compare events right after a software deployment.

You can compare the log entries in the following visualizations in the Log Explorer or Dashboards:

  • Records with Histogram

  • Records

  • Table with Histogram

  • Table

To compare the log entries in the Log Explorer:

  1. Search for logs for a set of entities. See Search Logs by Entities.
  2. Select a supported visualization.
  3. Click the Actions menu icon Actions menu icon corresponding to the row of the log entry and click Add to compare.
    A floating window appears with the selected entry.
  4. Click the Actions menu icon Actions menu iconcorresponding to the entry with which you want to compare the first selected entry and click Add to compare.
    The floating window is populated with the newly selected log entry for comparison.
  5. Click Compare in the floating window.

    The Log entry comparison window displays the comparison between the log content of the two entries.

    Compare log entries

By default, the comparison is made between the Original Log Content of the log entries. If you want to compare a different field in the two log entries, then drag that field to the Primary Display Field section and compare.

To compare the log entries in dashboards, open the dashboard which has the widget with one of the supported visualizations, and follow steps 3, 4, and 5 specified for log comparison when accessing from Log Explorer.