Entity Types Modeled in Logging Analytics

Oracle Cloud Logging Analytics supports the following types of entities.


This list of entities will constantly evolve as and when new entity types are added.

You can also create your own entity types.

OCI Native Cloud Resource Types:

Autonomous Data Warehouse

Autonomous Transaction Processing

OCI API Gateway

OCI Events Service Rule

OCI Functions Application

OCI Function

OCI Load Balancer

OCI Object Storage Bucket

OCI Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)

OCI VCN Subnet

OCI VCN Virtual Network Interface Card

All Other Entity Types:

Apache Hive

Apache HTTP Server

Apache Kafka

Apache Spark

Apache ZooKeeper

Automatic Storage Management (Composite)

Automatic Storage Management Instance


EBS Concurrent Processing Node

EBS Workflow Notification Mailer


GoldenGate Admin Server

GoldenGate Deployment

GoldenGate Distribution Server

GoldenGate Manager

GoldenGate Performance Metric Server

GoldenGate Receiver Server

GoldenGate Service Manager

Grafana Server


Hadoop DataNode

Hadoop NameNode

Hadoop Node Manager

Hadoop Resource Manager

Host (AIX)

Host (HP-UX)

Host (Linux)

Host (Solaris)

Host (Windows)

IBM DB2 Database

IBM Websphere Server

Ipswitch WS_FTP Server

J2EE Application

Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

JBoss Server

Management Agent

Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft DNS Server

Microsoft .NET Server

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Internet Information Services

Microsoft Internet Information Services Web Site

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SQL Server Database Instance


MySQL Database Instance




Oracle Access Management Server

Oracle Cluster Node

Oracle Database Instance

Oracle Database Listener

Oracle Database System

Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle HTTP Server

Oracle Identity Cloud Service

Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Oracle Internet Directory

Oracle PeopleSoft Application Server Domain

Oracle PeopleSoft Internet Architecture

Oracle PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Domain

Oracle Pluggable Database

Oracle Siebel (composite for Siebel server instances)

Oracle Siebel Enterprise (composite for Siebel Server Instances)

Oracle VM Manager

Oracle VM Server

Oracle VM Server Pool

PostgreSQL Database

RAC - Oracle Database (composite for Database Real Application Clusters)

SAPNW Application Server Instance

SAPNW Application Server JAVA Server Process

Siebel Component

Siebel Gateway Server

Siebel Server


WebLogic Cluster

WebLogic Domain

WebLogic Server

WebLogic Node Manager