Oracle-Defined Sources

Oracle Logging Analytics provides the following Oracle-defined sources that you can use.

AIX Audit Logs

AIX Cron Logs

AIX Dynamic System Optimizer Logs

AIX HACMP Cluster Logs


AIX Syslog Logs

Apache Cassandra DB Garbage Collection Logs

Apache Cassandra DB System Logs

Apache Hadoop Standard Logs

Apache Hive Logs

Apache HTTP Server Access Logs

Apache HTTP Server Error Logs

Apache HTTP Server SSL Access Logs

Apache HTTP SSL Request Logs

Apache Kafka Logs

Apache Spark Logs

Apache Tomcat Access Logs

Apache Tomcat Catalina Logs

Apache Tomcat Error Logs

Apache Tomcat Host Logs

Apache Tomcat Manager Logs

Apache Zookeeper Logs

ArcSight CEF Syslog Source

ArcSight Common Event Format Source

Automatic Storage Management Alert Logs

Automatic Storage Management Trace Logs

AVDF Alert in Oracle Database

AVDF Event in Oracle Database

AVDF Alert Linux Syslog

AWS EKS Authenticator Logs

Bluecoat Proxy Squid Logs

Bluecoat Proxy W3C Logs

Check Point Firewall LEA Syslog Logs

Cisco ASA Logs

Cisco Syslog Listener Source

Citrix Netscaler Logs

Clusterware Disk Monitor Logs

Clusterware Ready Services Alert Logs

Clusterware Ready Services Daemon Logs

Database Alert Logs

Database Audit Logs

Database Audit XML Logs

Database Incident Dump Files

Database Listener Alert Logs

Database Listener Trace Logs

Database Trace Logs

Database XML Alert Logs

EBS Concurrent Manager Logs

EBS Concurrent Request Logs

EBS Conflict Resolution Manager Logs

EBS Internal Concurrent Manager Logs

EBS Output Post Processor Logs

EBS Transaction Manager Logs

EBS Workflow Notification Mailer Logs

F5 Big IP ASM WAF Syslog CEF Logs

F5 Big IP Logs


FMW BI Publisher Logs

FMW OAM Embedded LDAP Access Logs

FMW OHS Access Logs (V11)

FMW OHS Access Logs (V12)

FMW OHS Admin Access Logs (V12)

FMW OHS Diagnostic Logs (V11)

FMW OHS Error Logs


FMW OHS Server Logs (V12)

FMW OID Audit Logs

FMW OID Directory Control Logs

FMW OID Directory Dispatcher Server Logs

FMW OID Directory Replication Server Logs

FMW OID Directory Server Logs

FMW OID Monitor Logs


FMW WLS Node Manager Log

FMW WLS Server Access Logs

FMW WLS Server Diagnostic Logs

FMW WLS Server Logs


Fortinet Log Event Logs

Fortinet Syslog Logs

Fusion Apps Diagnostic Logs

HAProxy Logs

IBM DB2 Audit Logs

IBM DB2 Diagnostic Logs

IBM QRadar Log Event Extended Format Logs

IBM Websphere Application Server (Classic) Logs

IBM Websphere Application Server (Classic) System Error

IDCS Audit API Logs

Identity and Access Management Audit Database

Ipswitch WS_FTP Server Logs

IPTables Logs

IPTraf Monitor Logs

Java Hotspot Dump Logs

JBOSS EAP Log Source

Juniper SRX Syslog Logs

KSplice Logs

Kubernetes API Server Logs

Kubernetes Audit Logs

Kubernetes Autoscaler Logs

Kubernetes AWS Node Logs

Kubernetes Container Generic Logs

Kubernetes Container Status Logs

Kubernetes Controller Manager Logs

Kubernetes Core DNS Logs

Kubernetes CronJob Object Logs

Kubernetes CSI Controller Logs

Kubernetes CSI Node Driver Logs

Kubernetes DaemonSet Object Logs

Kubernetes Deployment Object Logs

Kubernetes DNS Autoscaler Logs

Kubernetes etcd Logs

Kubernetes Event Object Logs

Kubernetes Flannel Logs

Kubernetes Job Object Logs

Kubernetes Kubelet Logs

Kubernetes Namespace Object Logs

Kubernetes Node Object Logs

Kubernetes Object Logs

Kubernetes Pod Object Logs

Kubernetes Proxy Logs

Kubernetes ReplicaSet Object Logs

Kubernetes Scheduler Logs

Kubernetes StatefulSet Object Logs

Linux Audit Logs

Linux Cron Logs

Linux Exadata Cell Alert Logs

Linux Exadata Cell Management Server Logs

Linux Exadata Cell Management Server Trace Logs

Linux Mail Delivery Logs

Linux Secure Logs

Linux Syslog Logs

Linux YUM Logs

McAfee Data Loss Prevention Endpoint

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Logs

Microsoft .Net Log4Net Logs

Microsoft Active Directory Distributed File System Replication Logs

Microsoft Active Directory Installation Wizard Logs

Microsoft Active Directory Netsetup Logs

Microsoft Active Directory NtFrsApi Logs

Microsoft DHCP (IPv4) Logs

Microsoft DHCP (IPv6) Logs

Microsoft DNS Logs

Microsoft Exchange Active Monitoring Trace Logs

Microsoft Exchange Authentication Admin Logs

Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Logs

Microsoft Exchange Diagnostics Service Logs

Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access Probe Logs

Microsoft IIS Log Source for FTP format logs

Microsoft IIS Log Source for IIS format logs

Microsoft IIS Log Source for NCSA format logs

Microsoft IIS Log Source for W3C format logs

Microsoft SharePoint Logs

Microsoft SQL Server Agent Error Log

Microsoft SQL Server Error Log Source

Microsoft SQL Server Database

Microsoft SQL Server Database Instance

MongoDB Logs

MySQL Database Audit XML Logs

MySQL Error Logs

MySQL Error Logs Stored in Database

MySQL General Log Source Stored in Database

MySQL General Query Logs

MySQL Slow Query Logs

MySQL Slow Query Logs Stored in Database

NetApp Syslog Logs

NGINX Access Logs

NGINX Error Logs

Node.js Log4js Logs


OC4J JVM Server logs

OC4J Web Site Access Logs

OCI API Gateway Access Logs

OCI API Gateway Execution Logs

OCI Application Performance Monitoring Dropped Logs

OCI Audit Logs

OCI Cloud Guard Problems

OCI Data Flow Spark Diagnostic Logs

OCI DevOps Build Logs

OCI DevOps Deployment Logs

OCI Email Delivery Logs

OCI Events Logs

OCI Function Logs

OCI GoldenGate Error Logs

OCI GoldenGate Process Logs

OCI Integration Activity Stream Logs

OCI Load Balancer Access Logs

OCI Load Balancer Error Logs

OCI Media Flow Service Logs

OCI Network Firewall Threat Logs

OCI Network Firewall Traffic Logs

OCI Object Storage Access Logs

OCI Service Connector Hub Logs

OCI Site-to-Site VPN Logs

OCI Unified Schema Logs

OCI VCN Flow Logs

OCI VCN Flow Unified Schema Logs


OCI Web Application Accelerator Logs

OKE Control Plane Logs

OKE Proxymux Client Logs

OMC Compliance Assessment Result Logs

OMC Orchestration Service Output Logs

Oracle Access Manager Audit Logs

Oracle Cloud Security Access Broker Logs

Oracle DB Audit Log Source Stored in Database

Oracle EBS Transaction Logs

Oracle GoldenGate Admin Server Logs

Oracle GoldenGate Distribution Server Logs

Oracle GoldenGate Extract/Replicat Event Logs

Oracle GoldenGate GGS Error Logs

Oracle GoldenGate Manager Report Classic Logs

Oracle GoldenGate Performance Metric Server Logs

Oracle GoldenGate Receiver Server Logs

Oracle GoldenGate Service Manager Logs

Oracle Management Agent Logs

Oracle Operator Access Control Logs

Oracle Unified DB Audit Log Source Stored in Database 12.1

Oracle Unified DB Audit Log Source Stored in Database 12.2

Oracle Unified Directory Access Logs

Oracle Unified Directory Admin Logs

Oracle Unified Directory Errors Logs

Oracle VM Manager Access Logs

Oracle VM Manager Diagnostic Logs

Oracle VM Manager Logs

Oracle VM Manager STDOUT Logs

Palo Alto Syslog CEF Logs

Palo Alto Syslog Logs

PeopleSoft Analytics Engine Server Logs

PeopleSoft Application Analytics Engine Server Logs

PeopleSoft Application server domain Application Server (APPSRV) Process Logs

PeopleSoft Application server domain Monitor Server (MONITORSRV) Process Logs

PeopleSoft Application server domain Watch Server (WATCHSRV) Process Logs

PeopleSoft Application Tuxedo Access Logs

PeopleSoft Application Tuxedo User Logs

PeopleSoft Integration Gateway Error Logs

PeopleSoft Integration Gateway Message Logs

PeopleSoft Master Scheduler Server Logs

PeopleSoft Process Scheduler App Engine Server Logs

PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Distribution Agent Logs

PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Master Scheduler Logs

PeopleSoft WLS Server Access Logs

PeopleSoft WLS Server Logs

PeopleSoft WLS Server STDOUT Logs

PeopleSoft WLS Servlet Logs

PostgreSQL Logs

QRadar LEEF Syslog Listener Source

SAP Application Startup Logs

SAP Application Transport Logs

SAP Dev Dispatcher Logs

SAP Dev ICM Security Logs

SAP Dev Message Server Logs

SAP Dev RD Logs

SAP Java Server Application Logs

SAP Java Server Default Trace Logs

SAP VMC Available Logs

Siebel Component Logs

Siebel Gateway Name Server Audit Logs

Siebel Gateway Name Server Logs

Siebel Gateway Server Logs

Solaris Audit Logs

Solaris Cron Logs

Solaris ILOM Configuration Logs

Solaris Install Logs

Solaris SMF Daemon Logs

Solaris SU Logs

Solaris Syslog Logs

Squid Proxy Access Logs

Squid Proxy Syslog Listener Source


SUSE Secure Logs

SUSE Syslog Logs

Symantec DLP Syslog Listener Logs

Symantec DLP System Events

Symantec Endpoint Protection Syslog Listener Logs

Symantec Endpoint Protection System Syslog Logs

TrendMicro Syslog Common Event Format Logs

Tuxedo Application User Logs

Unix HTTP Server Access Logs

Unix HTTP Server Error Logs

Unix HTTP Server SSL Access Logs

Unix HTTP SSL Request Logs

Windows Application Events

Windows Security Events

Windows Setup Events

Windows System Events


The preceding list is evolving. Check with the product user interface for the latest list of log sources.