Quick Start


It is recommended that you follow the streamlined onboarding process presented in the OCI console to complete the minimal prerequisites to start using Logging Analytics.

Refer to the quick start tutorial if you want a quick experience of setting up and using Logging Analytics. See Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Logging Analytics Quick Start Guide (Tutorial icon Tutorial ).

To get started with the service, at the minimum, create an IAM policy with the policy statements in Prerequisite IAM Policies.

Alternatively, to customize the policies, perform the prerequisite configuration tasks as detailed in this book. See Configure Your Service.

Some of the sub-tasks for configuring are:

If you want to familiarize yourself with Logging Analytics, then use Sample Log Data to perform some of the analysis operations. See Use Sample Log Data to Become Hands-on with Logging Analytics.

For a complete reference of the IAM policy requirements in Logging Analytics, see IAM Policies Catalog for Logging Analytics.