DB System Storage

The performance of MySQL HeatWave Service scales with the storage size selected for the DB system.

You cannot limit or edit the IOPS of the storage. You must provision the storage size based on your data size and performance requirements.

MySQL HeatWave Service uses the Block Volume service Higher Performance option over iSCSI. The final performance results may vary for different shapes and scenarios. It is recommended to perform benchmark analysis during your Proof of Concept testing to verify your environment configuration has adequate performance for your application requirements.

The Higher Performance Block Volume provides a linear performance scale of 75 IOPS/GB up to a maximum of 50,000 IOPS per volume. Throughput scales at the rate 600 KB/s/GB up to a maximum of 680 MB/s per volume.

The storage throughput can also be limited by the maximum network bandwidth of the DB system's shape.
DB systems stripe the data across multiple volumes to achieve higher performance and larger storage size. The number of volumes is determined by the initial storage size specified during the DB system creation and does not change over the lifetime of the DB system. Restoring a DB system from a backup also retains the number of volumes of the original DB system even if you increase the storage size significantly during the restore.

If you create a DB system with a small initial storage size and increase the storage size multiple times larger later, the storage performance could be limited by the less than optimal number of volumes.