Getting Started With MySQL Database Service

MySQL Database Service is a fully managed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure native service, which automates tasks such as backup and recovery, and database and operating system patching.

Getting Started With MySQL Database Service

Use the Console to create a virtual cloud network (VCN), DB system, and compute instance, and then use a command-line client such as MySQL Shell or MySQL Client to connect to your DB system.

This task requires the following:
  • A tenancy, which you are able to sign in.
  • A compartment to store your resources. You can store everything in the root of the tenancy, but it is recommended to use the compartments.
  • Policies to control your resources. See Mandatory Policies.
Perform the following steps:
  1. Create a virtual cloud network (VCN) using the VCN Wizard. See Creating a Virtual Cloud Network.
  2. Add ingress rules to your VCN. See Adding Ingress Rules.
  3. Create your DB system and attach it to the newly created private subnet. See Creating a DB System Using the Console.
  4. Create a compute instance. See Creating a Compute Instance.

    If you are using a Bastion, or VPN Connection, you can connect directly to your DB system from your local network. You do not have to create a compute instance to connect to your DB system.
  5. Connect to the MySQL DB system endpoint, using MySQL Shell or MySQL Client. See Connecting to a DB System.

Supporting Documentation

Refer to MySQL reference manual and MySQL Shell user guide for more information.