Getting Started with MySQL Database Service

This topic describes how to get started with MySQL Database Service.

Getting Started with MySQL Database Service

Overview of the tasks required to get started with a MySQL DB System.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a set of complementary cloud services that enable you to build and run a wide range of applications and services in a highly available hosted environment. MySQL Database Service relies on several of those services. As such, it is strongly recommended you read the following:
Before you begin using MySQL Database Service, the following is assumed:
  • You have created a tenancy and are able to sign in to it.
  • You have created a compartment to store your resources. You can store everything in the root of the tenancy, but compartments are recommended good practice.
  • You, or your group, have been granted the policies described in Mandatory Policies.
The next steps are as follows:
  1. Create a VCN using the VCN Wizard, as described in Configuring the Network.
  2. Create your DB System and attach it to the newly created private subnet, as described in Creating a MySQL DB System.
  3. Create a Linux Compute instance, as described in Creating a Compute Instance.

    If you are using one of the VPN connection type described in VPN Connections, it is not necessary to provision a Compute instance to enable connections to your DB System. With one of these VPN solutions, you can connect directly to your DB System's endpoint from your local network.
  4. Connect to the MySQL DB System endpoint, using MySQL Shell or MySQL Client, as described in Connecting to a DB System.


MySQL provides the following tutorials to help you get started with MySQL Database Service: