Overview of Backups

MySQL Database Service supports full and incremental backup types. These backups can be run as manual, automatic, final, or operator backups. You can restore an already existing backup to a new DB system.

MySQL Database Service supports the following backup types:

  • Full backup: Backs up all data contained in the DB system.
  • Incremental backup: Backs up only the data that was added or changed since the last full or incremental backup.

For data recovery purposes, there is no functional difference between an incremental backup and a full backup. You can restore data from any of your incremental or full backups. Both backup types enable you to restore full data to the point-in-time when the backup was taken. You don't need to keep the initial full backup or subsequent incremental backups in the backup chain and restore them in sequence, you only need to keep the backups taken for the times you care about.

Backups are run in either of the following ways:

  • Manual backup: You can create a manual backup by an action in the Console, or a request through the REST API. You can retain the manual backups for a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 365 days. You can create a manual backup of an inactive DB system too. See Creating a Manual Backup.

    The manual backup is a full backup.
  • Automatic backup: The backup is created automatically at a time selected while creating the DB system. The default retention period is 7 days. You can define the retention period between 1 and 35 days. The automatic backup schedule backs up an inactive DB system too. When you delete a DB system, the automatic backups are deleted too. However, if you have selected Retains automatic backups in the Deletion Plan tab, your automatic backups are retained.

    The automatic backup is an incremental backup.
  • Final backup: You can create a final backup before deleting your DB system by selecting the Require final backup option in the Deletion Plan tab. See Advanced Option: Deletion Plan.

    The final backup is a full and automatic backup.
  • Operator backup: The MySQL Support team creates this backup to assist in investigating potential issues with your service. These backups are deleted automatically. You can delete these backups too but it is not recommended. These backups do not affect your service limits.

    The operator backup is a full backup.