Overview of Exporting and Importing

Use the export and import methods to transfer data from a MySQL instance to MySQL HeatWave Service.

Use MySQL Shell to export a logical dump of the data from a MySQL instance into an Object Storage bucket. Then import the data from the Object Storage bucket into another MySQL instance.

  • Exporting: Connect to the MySQL instance containing the data you want to export using MySQL Shell. Export a logical dump of your dataset into an Object Storage bucket using the MySQL Shell dump utility. You can dump all schemas in the instance, a selected schema, or selected tables and views. The source and destination MySQL instances can be in different MySQL versions. The MySQL Shell dump utility performs compatibility checks and transformations to ensure the data can be later successfully imported into MySQL HeatWave Service and the potential data migration issues can be identified and fixed as early as possible. See Exporting a MySQL Instance and Compatibility Checks.
  • Importing: Use either of the following to import a MySQL Shell dump from an Object Storage bucket to a standalone DB system. You can later enable high availability.
    • (Recommended) Using the data import feature while creating a new DB system: This method is the fastest and most efficient in terms of computing and storage consumption. You can import from a bucket that is in the same region. See Importing Using the Data Import Feature.
    • Using MySQL Shell: Use MySQL Shell to import a MySQL Shell dump manually from an Object Storage bucket. This method is commonly used to append data (partial dumps) into DB sytems with existing data or for debugging purposes. See Importing Using MySQL Shell.
  • MySQL version support: It is always recommended to use the latest version of MySQL Shell to export and import data.

    MySQL Shell supports data dump of the following MySQL versions:

    • MySQL 8.0.11 or higher
    • MySQL 5.7.9 or higher
    • MySQL 5.6.10 or higher. Requires MySQL Shell 8.0.26 or higher.

    MySQL Shell supports data load of the following MySQL versions:

    • MySQL 8.0.11 or higher
    • MySQL 5.7.9 or higher

    While loading data from 5.7.9 (or a higher version) to 8.x.x, you can ignore the following warning:

    WARNING: Destination MySQL version is newer than the one where the dump was created. Loading dumps from different major MySQL versions is not fully supported and may not work.