Data Object Explorers

Operations Insights data object explorers provide an easy-to-use interface that lets you interactively explore and visualize detailed performance statistics stored in Operations Insights SQL Warehouse.

A data object explorer allows you to explore performance statistics via a SQL query to extract the data with which to create an intuitive visualization. The query is run against data objects, which are essentially curated views on top of the collected Operations Insights metrics. Operations Insights provides different explorers, each defined by the data object(s) they can access:

A data object explorer UI simplifies constructing a SQL SELECT statement by allowing you to select columns from an attributes list. Alternatively, you can enter SQL manually. The type-ahead feature lets you enter SQL for the query and SQL Explorer automatically provides inline drop-down list of attribute columns to complete the statement. Run the SQL query to extract raw data. You view the raw data returned by the constructed SQL SELECT query and then use this data to create an intuitive visualization that’s easy to consume and draw inferences from.