News Reports

News reports is a set weekly report sent via email that gives you additional operational insights into your environment or workload enabled on Operations Insights. The News report focuses on notable developments of highs, lows, major changes, and inventory changes across you database, host and Exadata fleets.

Creating News reports


News reports are sent automatically one day after creation and then weekly every Sunday at 01:00 UTC.
To create a news report, perform the following steps:
  1. Go to Operations Insights, under Administration, then News reports and click on Create news reports.
  2. Enter a Name for the report, spaces are not allowed, and an optional Description.
  3. Select the Compartment from where the report will run, only enabled resources from this compartment will be shown.
  4. Checkmark for Host, Database, and/or Exadata content resources that will be included in the report.
  5. If prerequisite policies are not enabled, these will need to be executed. Click on Policies to do this automatically.
  6. Under Notification service, select an ONS (Oracle Notification Service) topic to be used of create a new topic. If you are creating a new topic, this will take you to the ONS page. Click on Create Topic, enter a Name, Description and click Create.

    When creating a news report topics can be reused across compartments, however a topic can only be used in one report within a compartment.


    News Reports supports email addresses only.
    For more information on ONS see Oracle Notification Service (ONS).
  7. A confirmation email will be sent whenever a new address is added into the topic. Confirm the email by clicking on the link sent and you will start receiving the News Report.

Figure 7-1 Create News Reports

Screenshot of steps required for news report creation

Administer News Reports

Under Operations Insights Administration you can administer your news reports. The main page shows the report table where reports are listed and organized by Report name, Compartment, News report status, Description, Frequency, Topic OCID, State and Last updated.

Under State you can verify the state of a news report, this will be Active for up and running reports, or Needs attention for news reports that are not currently running due to errors. For these, open the report and make sure the ONS components are up to date and valid.

The News report status allows you to see if a report is enabled or disabled, use the Actions button allows you to manually disable or re-enable a news report; as well as move reports to other compartments.

If you are editing an ONS topic and notice there is no data, make sure the compartments point to the same compartment the topic was created in.

News Reports Sections

The News Report contains the following sections outlining the major information that occurred during the week:
  • Last Week summary: A brief breakdown of new utilization highs, big utilization changes and inventory changes across your fleet of databases, hosts, and Exadata systems.
  • Big changes: This table shows resources that have an average +/- 25% utilization change over the prior week.
  • Inventory changes: This table shows resources enabled/disabled in Operations Insights over the prior week.

Figure 7-2 News Report Sample

Sample news report sent via email

Unsubscribing from News Reports

To unsubscribe from the News Reports click on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the weekly report email or the confirmation email, this will eliminate the email address from the topic.

If a distribution list recipient unsubscribes it will eliminate the entire distribution list. Ensure only relevant email addresses are added to distribution lists.