OS Management Service Shows Unavailable on an Instance

Describes common causes and steps to troubleshoot issues with the OS Management service being unavailable on an instance.

After creating an instance, you might encounter an issue where the OS Management Service Agent plugin is not available. On the Instance Details page, a yellow alert box indicates that no OS Management information is available for this resource.

This image shows the yellow alert box for OS Management.

The common causes for OS Management being unavailable on an instance are as follows.

  • Policies are not configured correctly.
  • Oracle Cloud Agent is either not installed or running.
  • OS Management Service Agent plugin is disabled.

Troubleshooting OS Management Availability

Walk through these steps to resolve the common reasons that the OS Management service is unavailable for an instance.

Step 1: Ensure that your IAM policies are configured correctly

Check to see if your IAM policies are configured correctly. For example, your policies might not be correctly assigned to a dynamic group or your instance (or compartment where instances reside) might not be assigned to the dynamic group properly.

For more information, see Setting Up IAM Policies for OS Management.

Step 2: Ensure that Oracle Cloud Agent is installed and running

For information about how to verify that the Oracle Cloud Agent is installed and running, see Troubleshooting Oracle Cloud Agent.

If you're using an older Oracle-provided image or a custom image that is not based on a recent Oracle-provided image, you must manually install the Oracle Cloud Agent software. For more information, see Installing the Oracle Cloud Agent Software. Compare the date of the image to the date listed in Supported Images.