Creating a Group

Use groups to standardize and unify content across a set of instances in OS Management Hub.

    1. Open the navigation menu and click Observability & Management. Under OS Management Hub, click Groups.
    2. Under List Scope, select the compartment to create the group in.
    3. Click Create.
    4. On the Add basic details page, provide the following details, and then click Next:
      • Group name: Enter a name for the group. You change the name at any time. The name doesn't need to be unique, because an Oracle Cloud Identifier (OCID) uniquely identifies the group. Avoid entering confidential information.
      • Description: (Optional) Enter a description for the group. Avoid entering confidential information.
      • Location: Select the location of the instances in the group. 'Other' is for on-premises or third-party cloud instances.
      • Show advanced options: Click to add tags to this resource.

        If you have permissions to create a resource, then you also have permissions to apply free-form tags to that resource. To apply a defined tag, you must have permissions to use the tag namespace. For more information about tagging, see Resource Tags. If you're not sure whether to apply tags, ask an administrator or skip this option. You can apply tags later.

    5. On the Select OS page, define the OS information for the group, and then click Next.
      • OS vendor: Select the vendor of the OS. For example, Oracle.

      • OS version: Select the version of the OS. For example, Oracle Linux 9.

      • Architecture: Select the architecture for the OS. For example, x86_64.

      • Available Software Sources: For Oracle Linux groups, select the software sources to associate with the group. When an instance joins the group, these software sources will automatically be attached to the instance.

    6. (Optional) On the Add instances page, select instances to add to the group.

      Available instances match the location, OS vendor, version, and architecture of the group. Offline instances and instances assigned to another group or lifecycle environment aren't listed.
      1. Select a compartment.
      2. Select instances from the compartment to add to the group, and then click Select instances to attach.
      3. Repeat the preceding steps to select instances from other compartments.
      4. Review the instances and remove any instances from the selection that you don't want added to the group.
      5. Click Next.
    7. Review the details of the group, and then click Submit to create the group.
  • Use the oci os-management-hub managed-instance-group create command and required parameters to create a group.

    oci os-management-hub managed-instance-group create --arch-type architecture --compartment-id ocid --display-name group-name --os-family os-version --software-source-ids software-source-ocids --vendor name [OPTIONS]

    For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference.

  • Run the CreateManagedInstanceGroup operation to create a group.