Accelerated Data Science v2.5.10 is released

The following changes were made in this version.

  • Added BDSSecretKeeper to store and save configuration parameters to connect to Big Data service to the vault.
  • Added the krbcontext and refresh_ticket functions to configure Kerberos authentication for the Big Data service.
  • Added authentication options to logging APIs to allow you to pass in the OCI API key configuration or signer.
  • Added the configuration file path option to the set_auth method to allow to change the path of the OCI configuration.
  • Fixed a bug in AutoML for text datasets.
  • Fixed bug in import to notify users installing ADS optional dependencies.
  • Fixed a bug in the generated file, where Pandas dataframe’s dtypes changed when deserializing. Now you can recover it from the input schema.
  • Updated requirements to oci>=2.59.0.

For more information, see Data ScienceADS SDK, and ocifs SDK. Take a look at our Data Science blog.