Upgrade Oracle Cloud SQL in Big Data to use the Oracle Query Server 4.1

  • Services: Big Data
  • Release Date: June 1, 2020

The Oracle Cloud SQL feature available for use with Oracle Big Data Service has been upgraded to use the Oracle Query Server 4.1. Enhancements for Query Server 4.1 include:

Object Store Reader Enhancements

The following ORACLE_BIGDATA driver updates are available:

  • Support for Apache ORC file format.
  • Support for complex data types with ORC, Parquet and Avro. This capability was supported in Hadoop, and is now supported with ORACLE_BIGDATA.
  • Enhancements to Text Driver. New text-based access parameters available.

Support for Microsoft's Azure Blob Object Storage

  • The ORACLE_BIGDATA driver has been extended to support the creation of external tables that map to data stored in Azure Blob storage.