Oracle Exadata Database Service on Cloud@Customer: Enhancements to Serial Console Functionality

  • Services: Database
  • Release Date: Dec. 13, 2023

These new features include:

  • Serial Console access via OCI Cloud Shell
  • Console History

With this new feature, you can now easily connect to the serial console of your virtual machines to perform corrective actions as well as review and audit previous activities performed via the serial console by other users.


  • You cannot concurrently connect to more than one DB node using Cloud Shell. As an example, if you have an open connection to DBnode1 and want to connect to DBnode2, you must first exit the active Cloud Shell from DBnode1 and then establish a connection to DBnode2.
  • Cloud Shell access to the serial console requires proper IAM permissions for Cloud Shell, see OCI Cloud Shell documentation for details. Also, to access the serial console and to use console history, firewall rules must be configured so that the Control Plane Server (CPS) can access the necessary OCI endpoints. Please review Table 3-2 details for Object Storage and VM console connectivity requirements.

For more information, see: