APM Java Agent and Tracer Version 1.7 are Now Available

APM Java Agent and Tracer version 1.7 are now available with the following new features:

  1. JDK 17 Support: Appservers running on JDK 17 can now be monitored by the APM Agent and Tracer.
  1. Log Library Injection: Users can configure this feature to inject active spanId and traceId into messages logged by supported logging libraries like log4j 1.2+, log4j2, logback, java.util.logging, and WLS http access log. This provides correlation between log messages and APM traces for easier log analysis and troubleshooting. For more information, see APM Java Agent Configurable Options
  1. Apache HttpClient 5 support: Apache HttpClient 5.x calls can now be monitored.
  1. Custom probe enhancements to capture additional data as Span logs. For information, see Configure a Custom Probe.
  1. JDBC probe configuration option to capture full SQL statement in Span log. For information, see Modify Probe Settings.
  1. Servlet probe configuration enhancements for capturing HTTP headers and HTTP request parameters as Span tags: You can now specify the name of the Span tag, as well as manipulate the header/parameter value with regex.
  1. Asynchronous Servlet support: Asynchronous servlet invocations are now monitored.
  1. Micronaut support: You can now configure Micronaut to use the APM Tracer. For information, see Use APM Tracer in Micronaut.
  1. New trace: JVM Runtime Info that reports the JVM Classpath, JVM Arguments and System Properties at start up for diagnostics and performance tuning.