Accelerated Data Science 2.10.1 is Released

The following changes were made in ADS 2.10.1:

  • Releasing v1 of the Anomaly Detection Operator! The Anomaly Detection Operator is a no-code Anomaly or Outlier Detection solution through the OCI Data Science Platform. It uses dozens of models from Oracle’s own proprietary research and the best of open source. See the Anomaly Detection section of the AI Operators tab for full details.

  • Releasing a new version of the Forecast Operator. This release has faster explainability, improved support for reading from databases, upgrades to the automatic reporting, improved parallelization across all models, and an ability to save models for deferred inference. See the Forecast section of the AI Operators tab for full details.
  • Change to the default signer such that it now defaults to resource_prinicpal on any OCI Data Science resource (for example, jobs, notebooks, model deployments, dataflow).