Search with OpenSearch now supports OpenSearch version 2.3

OCI Search with OpenSearch now supports OpenSearch version 2.3. This version uses Lucene 9.1 which provides performance improvements resulting in 10-15% faster indexing.

OpenSearch version 2.3 also includes improvements in:

  • Security, including the first phase of role-based access control.
  • APIs, including support for bulk indexing and deleting, and the ability to manage indices and aliases.
  • Queries, including query language support for nested aggregations, geo point fields, and geohashes.
  • Experimental features such as segment replication, remote back-end storage, and drag-and-drop visualization in OpenSearch Dashboards.

New clusters are created by default as OpenSearch 2.3 clusters. Existing clusters will still use OpenSearch version 1.2.4, however you can upgrade them to version 2.3 using the steps described in Upgrading a Cluster.

For more information about Search with OpenSearch, see: