New release for Big Data

  • Services: Big Data
  • Release Date: Dec. 1, 2020

A new release for Big Data is available.

You can now:

  • Use an interpreter for Hive in Big Data Studio.
  • Upgrade Oracle Cloud SQL to use the Oracle Query Server 4.1.1

The Oracle Cloud SQL feature available for use with Big Data has been upgraded to use the Oracle Query Server 4.1.1.

Enhancements for Query Server 4.1.1 include:

  • Enhanced Query Server Connectivity for Secure Clusters (Kerberos): Connectivity options for the Query Server on secure clusters have been augmented to include Oracle Database managed password-based authentication in addition to Kerberos-based authentication. Before this enhancement, secure cluster users could only connect to the Query Server with a Kerberos client. With this change, clients that are external to the cluster and can't obtain a Kerberos ticket or that do not support Kerberos are able to use the Query Server using standard database client connections.
  • Erasure Coding Support for CDH6:Cloud SQL now supports erasure coding (EC) with CDH 6.1 (and above), and HDP.