APM .Net Agent Version 1.0 Available

APM .Net agent version 1.0 is available with the following new features:

  1. This agent version is based on Open Telemetry .Net Agent 1.0 release.
  2. Support to APM Browser agent injection. HTML pages can now be auto injected with the APM Browser agent for end-user monitoring. For details, see Configure APM Browser Agent Injection using APM Dotnet Agent.
  3. Changes to ODP.NET spans:
    • ODP.NET span operation names have a new Open Telemetry like format: <SQL Operation> <DB Host/IP>:<DB Port>:<DB Name>. The SQL text has been moved to the span's DbStatement dimension.
    • Added new dimension SessionID in ODP.NET spans which represents the Oracle DB session ID.
  4. Added new dimension: Component in all spans. Component values are:
  • AspNet: Asp.Net server span.
  • AspNetCore: Asp.Net Core server span.
  • HttpClient: HTTP client span.
  • GrpcClient: GRPC client span.
  • Wcf: WCF client span.
  • WcfServer: WCF server span.
  • Odp: ODP.NET client span.

For details, see About Trace and Span Attributes.