Exadata Database Service on Dedicated Infrastructure: Cancel a Running Full or Incremental Backup

  • Services: Database
  • Release Date: Aug. 21, 2023

You now have the ability to cancel an ongoing backup, allowing you to free up system resources. You will no longer have to call the operations team to have this backup job canceled.

As part of the Create Database workflow and independently (after the database has been created), you may enable Automatic Backup and select the desired backup destination. Depending on the backup destination selected, you may have one or more full backups and several incremental backups. Once any of these backups have started, you will not have the option to cancel that backup midway.

This feature allows you to cancel any running backup (automatic or standalone) from the OCI console or via OCI API.

You can also:

  • Cancel a manual backup, which is triggered when you click the Create backup button
    Note: All manual backups are full backups.
  • Delete a canceled manual backup

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