Enhancements in Trace Explorer

You can now:

  • View trace data in the new Oracle-defined APM Trace Table widget and add it to your new or customized Application Performance Monitoring dashboard. APM Trace Table widget enables you to add a trace query and view the trace data table in a dashboard. For more information, see View Trace Data in a Dashboard.
  • Use new functions, such as percentile, total_items, total_rows, percent_of_items, and percent_with_root_error in queries, together with arithmetic expressions. For more information, see Work with Queries in Trace Explorer.
  • Display one or more spark charts in the new Charts panel. The spark charts are displayed when running a query containing the timeseries clause, and you can use the Charts panel to review the spark charts at a glance. For more information, see Monitor Traces in Trace Explorer.
  • Use the Global Filter to add a fixed where clause to the trace query, which does not change as you use Quick Picks, saved searches, and drilldowns. For example, traces initiated by a specific user name, filter spans to see only a subset of the services, and excluding spans from a specific application server. For more information, see Monitor Traces in Trace Explorer.