New release for Big Data

In Big Data Service clusters with version 3.0.7 or higher, you can:

  • Configure horizontal (add or remove nodes) and vertical (shape shape of nodes) autoscaling on ODH clusters.
  • Use E4 flex shapes while autoscaling to specify the number of OCPUs and memory required on each node.
  • Add compute only worker nodes to your cluster.
  • Delete any worker node from your cluster.
  • Provide an external Kerberos realm name while creating a cluster.
  • Provide a bootstrap script URL while creating a cluster. This URL can be updated after a cluster is created too.
  • Enable and use secure socket layer (SSL) certificates in your ODH clusters.
  • Use Hue, Livy, Jupyter, Jupyterhub, and Trino in ODH clusters. They are configured by default to run on your clusters.