MySQL HeatWave: Read Replicas with different Shapes, Configurations, and Versions

You now have enhanced flexibility using read replicas in MySQL HeatWave with different shapes, configurations, and versions. There are several uses and advantages for this feature:

  • Use specific configurations to tailor read replicas for read-only operations, so you can optimize performance and resource utilization. Additionally, before implementing significant changes, use distinct replicas to validate configurations. This proactive approach not only ensures business continuity but also strengthens operational reliability.
  • Change the shape of read replicas individually to select appropriate compute resources for your workload and to enable broader elasticity for read operations.
  • First, update the MySQL version on replicas, validate, and then upgrade other instances. This practice improves upgrade strategy, change management, and risk mitigation.

To start using customized read replicas, navigate to Resources > Read Replicas in the Console and find new options when creating or editing a Read Replica.

For more information, see Creating a Read Replica and Editing a Read Replica.