Security Zone IAM Policies

Create IAM policies to control who has access to security zones and recipes, and to control the type of access for each group of users.

By default, only users in the Administrators group have access to all security zone resources. If you are new to IAM policies, see Getting Started with Policies.

For a complete list of policies in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure , see the Policy Reference.


The following resource types are related to security zones.

  • security-zone

Details for Verb + Resource-Type Combinations

Identify the permissions and API operations covered by each verb for security zones.

The level of access is cumulative as you go from inspect to read to use to manage.


Policy Examples

Learn about security zone IAM policies using examples.

Allow users in the group SecurityAdmins to create, update, and delete security zones in the entire tenancy:

Allow group SecurityAdmins to manage security-zone in tenancy

Allow users in the group SecurityAuditors to view security zones in the compartment SalesApps:

Allow group SecurityAuditors to read security-zone in compartment SalesApps