Generates an API Signing RSA key pair. A passphrase for the private key can be provided using either the ‘passphrase’ or ‘passphrase-file’ option. If neither option is provided, the user will be prompted for a passphrase via stdin.


oci setup keys [OPTIONS]

Optional Parameters

--key-name [text]

A name for the API Signing key. Generated key files will be {key-name}.pem and {key-name}_public.pem

--output-dir [path]

An optional directory to output the generated API Signing keys.


An option to overwrite existing files without a confirmation prompt.

--passphrase [text]

An optional passphrase to encrypt the private API Signing key.

--passphrase-file [filename]

An optional file with the first line specifying a passphrase to encrypt the API Signing private key (or ‘-‘ to read from stdin).