A file system and the path that you can use to mount it. Each export resource belongs to exactly one export set.

The export’s path attribute is not a path in the referenced file system, but the value used by clients for the path component of the remotetarget argument when mounting the file system.

The path must start with a slash (/) followed by a sequence of zero or more slash-separated path elements. For any two export resources associated with the same export set, except those in a ‘DELETED’ state, the path element sequence for the first export resource can’t contain the complete path element sequence of the second export resource.

For example, the following are acceptable:

  • /example and /path * /example1 and /example2 * /example and /example1

The following examples are not acceptable: * /example and /example/path * / and /example

Paths may not end in a slash (/). No path element can be a period (.) or two periods in sequence (..). All path elements must be 255 bytes or less.

No two non-‘DELETED’ export resources in the same export set can reference the same file system.

Use exportOptions to control access to an export. For more information, see Export Options.

Available Commands