An individual employee or system that needs to manage or use your company’s Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources. Users might need to launch instances, manage remote disks, work with your cloud network, etc. Users have one or more IAM Service credentials (ApiKey, UIPassword, SwiftPassword and AuthToken). For more information, see User Credentials). End users of your application are not typically IAM Service users, but for tenancies that have identity domains, they might be. For conceptual information about users and other IAM Service components, see Overview of IAM.

These users are created directly within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure system, via the IAM service. They are different from federated users, who authenticate themselves to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console via an identity provider. For more information, see Identity Providers and Federation.

To use any of the API operations, you must be authorized in an IAM policy. If you’re not authorized, talk to an administrator. If you’re an administrator who needs to write policies to give users access, see Get Started with Policies.

Warning: Oracle recommends that you avoid using any confidential information when you supply string values using the API.