A ResponderRecipeRule resource contains a specific instance of a single responder rule.

A ResponderRecipeRule resource: * Is effectively a copy of a ResponderRule resource in which users can make certain changes if it’s Oracle-managed, and other changes if it’s user-managed. * Can also be created by cloning an existing ResponderRecipe resource, either user-managed or Oracle-managed; cloning the ResponderRecipe resource also clones its associated ResponderRule resources as ResponderRecipeRule resources. * Is visible on the Cloud Guard Responder Recipes, Responder Details page. * Is effectively located in a specific OCI compartment, through the ResponderRecipe resource to which it belongs. * Can be modified by users, programmatically or through the UI. * Changes that can be made here apply globally, to all resources in OCI compartments mapped to a target that attaches the associated responder recipe (in a TargetResponderRecipe resource), but are overridden by changes made in the corresponding TargetResponderRecipe resource (which is effectively a copy of the ResponderRecipe resource). type: object

Available Commands