Ai Document

oci.ai_document.AIServiceDocumentClient Document AI helps customers perform various analysis on their documents.
oci.ai_document.AIServiceDocumentClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around AIServiceDocumentClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.ai_document.models.AnalyzeDocumentResult The document analysis results.
oci.ai_document.models.BoundingPolygon The object-bounding polygon box.
oci.ai_document.models.Cell A single cell in a table.
oci.ai_document.models.CreateProcessorJobDetails The details used to create a processor job.
oci.ai_document.models.DetectedDocumentType The detected document type.
oci.ai_document.models.DetectedLanguage The language detected in a document.
oci.ai_document.models.Dimensions The width and height of a page.
oci.ai_document.models.DocumentClassificationFeature Identifying the document type.
oci.ai_document.models.DocumentFeature The type of document analysis.
oci.ai_document.models.DocumentField Form field.
oci.ai_document.models.DocumentKeyValueExtractionFeature Extracting form fields.
oci.ai_document.models.DocumentLanguageClassificationFeature Detecting the language of the document.
oci.ai_document.models.DocumentMetadata The document information.
oci.ai_document.models.DocumentTableExtractionFeature Detecting and extracting data in tables.
oci.ai_document.models.DocumentTextExtractionFeature Text recognition
oci.ai_document.models.FieldLabel The label in a field.
oci.ai_document.models.FieldName The name of a form field.
oci.ai_document.models.FieldValue The value of a form field.
oci.ai_document.models.GeneralProcessorConfig The configuration of a general processor.
oci.ai_document.models.InlineDocumentContent The content of an inline document.
oci.ai_document.models.InputLocation The location of the inputs.
oci.ai_document.models.Line The line of text.
oci.ai_document.models.NormalizedVertex An (x, y) coordinate in the image with dimensions normalized from zero to one.
oci.ai_document.models.ObjectLocation A location in Object Storage that is uniquely identified by namespace name, bucket name and object name.
oci.ai_document.models.ObjectStorageLocations A list of object locations in Object Storage.
oci.ai_document.models.OutputLocation The Object Storage Location.
oci.ai_document.models.Page One page document analysis result.
oci.ai_document.models.ProcessingError The error in document processing.
oci.ai_document.models.ProcessorConfig The configuration of a processor.
oci.ai_document.models.ProcessorJob Details of a processor job.
oci.ai_document.models.Table The table extracted from a document.
oci.ai_document.models.TableRow A single row in a table.
oci.ai_document.models.ValueArray The array of field values.
oci.ai_document.models.ValueDate The date field value.
oci.ai_document.models.ValueInteger The integer field value.
oci.ai_document.models.ValueNumber The floating point number field value.
oci.ai_document.models.ValuePhoneNumber The phone number field value.
oci.ai_document.models.ValueString The string field value.
oci.ai_document.models.ValueTime The time field value.
oci.ai_document.models.Word A single word.