oci.vault.VaultsClient Use the Secret Management API to manage secrets and secret versions.
oci.vault.VaultsClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around VaultsClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.vault.models.Base64SecretContentDetails Base64-encoded secret content.
oci.vault.models.ChangeSecretCompartmentDetails Specifies the updated compartment OCID for the secret.
oci.vault.models.CreateSecretDetails The details of the secret that you want to create.
oci.vault.models.ScheduleSecretDeletionDetails Details for scheduling the deletion of the specified secret.
oci.vault.models.ScheduleSecretVersionDeletionDetails Schedules the deletion of the specified secret version.
oci.vault.models.Secret The details of the secret.
oci.vault.models.SecretContentDetails The content of the secret and metadata to help identify it.
oci.vault.models.SecretExpiryRule A rule that helps enforce the expiration of a secret’s contents.
oci.vault.models.SecretReuseRule A rule that disallows reuse of previously used secret content by the specified secret.
oci.vault.models.SecretRule A rule that you can apply to a secret to enforce certain conditions on the secret’s usage and management.
oci.vault.models.SecretSummary The details of the secret, excluding the contents of the secret.
oci.vault.models.SecretVersion The details of the secret version, excluding the contents of the secret.
oci.vault.models.SecretVersionSummary The secret version summary object, which doesn’t include the contents of the secret.
oci.vault.models.UpdateSecretDetails Details for updating a secret.