oci.monitoring.MonitoringClient Use the Monitoring API to manage metric queries and alarms for assessing the health, capacity, and performance of your cloud resources.
oci.monitoring.MonitoringClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around MonitoringClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.monitoring.models.AggregatedDatapoint A timestamp-value pair returned for the specified request.
oci.monitoring.models.Alarm The properties that define an alarm.
oci.monitoring.models.AlarmDimensionStatesCollection The list of current alarm state entries for each metric stream that matches the filters.
oci.monitoring.models.AlarmDimensionStatesEntry A timestamped alarm state entry for a metric stream.
oci.monitoring.models.AlarmHistoryCollection The configuration details for retrieving alarm history.
oci.monitoring.models.AlarmHistoryEntry An alarm history entry indicating a description of the entry and the time that the entry occurred.
oci.monitoring.models.AlarmStatusSummary A summary of properties for the specified alarm and its current evaluation status.
oci.monitoring.models.AlarmSummary A summary of properties for the specified alarm.
oci.monitoring.models.ChangeAlarmCompartmentDetails The configuration details for moving an alarm.
oci.monitoring.models.CreateAlarmDetails The configuration details for creating an alarm.
oci.monitoring.models.Datapoint Metric value for a specific timestamp.
oci.monitoring.models.FailedMetricRecord The record of a single metric object that failed input validation and the reason for the failure.
oci.monitoring.models.ListMetricsDetails The request details for retrieving metric definitions.
oci.monitoring.models.Metric The properties that define a metric.
oci.monitoring.models.MetricData The set of aggregated data returned for a metric.
oci.monitoring.models.MetricDataDetails A metric object containing raw metric data points to be posted to the Monitoring service.
oci.monitoring.models.PostMetricDataDetails An array of metric objects containing raw metric data points to be posted to the Monitoring service.
oci.monitoring.models.PostMetricDataResponseDetails The response object returned from a PostMetricData operation.
oci.monitoring.models.RetrieveDimensionStatesDetails The configuration details for retrieving the alarm state entries.
oci.monitoring.models.SummarizeMetricsDataDetails The request details for retrieving aggregated data.
oci.monitoring.models.Suppression The configuration details for suppressing an alarm.
oci.monitoring.models.UpdateAlarmDetails The configuration details for updating an alarm.