oci.bds.BdsClient REST API for Oracle Big Data Service.
oci.bds.BdsClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around BdsClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.bds.models.ActivateBdsMetastoreConfigurationDetails The reqeust body when activating a BDS metastore configuration
oci.bds.models.AddAutoScalePolicyDetails Policy definition for the autoscale configuration.
oci.bds.models.AddAutoScalingConfigurationDetails The information about the autoscale configuration.
oci.bds.models.AddBlockStorageDetails The information about added block volumes.
oci.bds.models.AddCloudSqlDetails The information about the added Cloud SQL.
oci.bds.models.AddKafkaDetails The information about the Kafka service to be added.
oci.bds.models.AddMasterNodesDetails The information about added master nodes.
oci.bds.models.AddMetricBasedHorizontalScalingPolicyDetails Details of a metric based horizontal autoscaling policy.
oci.bds.models.AddMetricBasedVerticalScalingPolicyDetails Details of a metric based vertical autoscaling policy.
oci.bds.models.AddScheduleBasedHorizontalScalingPolicyDetails Details of a schedule based horizontal autoscaling policy.
oci.bds.models.AddScheduleBasedVerticalScalingPolicyDetails Details of a schedule based vertical autoscaling policy.
oci.bds.models.AddUtilityNodesDetails The information about added utility nodes.
oci.bds.models.AddWorkerNodesDetails The information about added nodes.
oci.bds.models.AutoScalePolicy This model for autoscaling policy is deprecated and not supported for ODH clusters.
oci.bds.models.AutoScalePolicyDetails Details of an autoscale policy.
oci.bds.models.AutoScalePolicyMetricRule Metric and threshold details for triggering an autoscale action.
oci.bds.models.AutoScalePolicyRule A rule that defines a specific autoscale action to take and the metric that triggers that action.
oci.bds.models.AutoScalingConfiguration The information about the autoscale configuration.
oci.bds.models.AutoScalingConfigurationSummary The information about the autoscale configuration.
oci.bds.models.BatchingBasedPatchingConfigs Patching configurations which allows patch the nodes batch by batch.
oci.bds.models.BdsApiKey The API key information.
oci.bds.models.BdsApiKeySummary The API key summary.
oci.bds.models.BdsInstance Description of the cluster.
oci.bds.models.BdsInstanceSummary Summary details of the Big Data Service cluster.
oci.bds.models.BdsMetastoreConfiguration The metastore configuration information.
oci.bds.models.BdsMetastoreConfigurationSummary The summary of metastore configuration information.
oci.bds.models.CertificateServiceInfoDetails Details for certificate service info
oci.bds.models.CertificateServiceInfoSummary List of TLS/SSL information of services
oci.bds.models.ChangeBdsInstanceCompartmentDetails Move a Cluster to a Different Compartment
oci.bds.models.ChangeShapeDetails Resize details specified for individual nodes.
oci.bds.models.ChangeShapeNodes Individual worker nodes groups details.
oci.bds.models.CloudSqlDetails The information about added Cloud SQL capability
oci.bds.models.ClusterDetails Specific info about a Hadoop cluster
oci.bds.models.CreateBdsApiKeyDetails API key created on user’s behalf.
oci.bds.models.CreateBdsInstanceDetails The information about the new cluster.
oci.bds.models.CreateBdsMetastoreConfigurationDetails The request body when creating BDS metastore configuration.
oci.bds.models.CreateNodeDetails The information about the new node.
oci.bds.models.DayBasedHorizontalScalingScheduleDetails Details of day based horizontal scaling schedule.
oci.bds.models.DayBasedVerticalScalingScheduleDetails Details of day based vertical scaling schedule.
oci.bds.models.DefaultError Error Information.
oci.bds.models.DisableCertificateDetails The request body info about disable certificate service list.
oci.bds.models.DowntimeBasedPatchingConfigs Patching configurations which allows downtime.
oci.bds.models.EnableCertificateDetails The request body info about configure certificate service list.
oci.bds.models.ExecuteBootstrapScriptDetails The information about the bootstrap script to be executed.
oci.bds.models.HorizontalScalingScheduleDetails Details of a horizontal scaling schedule.
oci.bds.models.HostCertDetails Details about the host and corresponding certificate.
oci.bds.models.HostSpecificCertificateDetails Host specific certificate details
oci.bds.models.InstallOsPatchDetails Os patch details for installing a os patches to a cluster.
oci.bds.models.InstallPatchDetails The reqeust body while installing a patch to a cluster.
oci.bds.models.KerberosDetails Details about the Kerberos principals.
oci.bds.models.MetricBasedHorizontalScaleInConfig Configration for a metric based horizontal scale-in policy.
oci.bds.models.MetricBasedHorizontalScaleOutConfig Configration for a metric based horizontal scale-out policy.
oci.bds.models.MetricBasedHorizontalScalingPolicyDetails Details of a metric based horizontal autoscaling policy.
oci.bds.models.MetricBasedVerticalScaleDownConfig Configration for a metric based vertical scale-down policy.
oci.bds.models.MetricBasedVerticalScaleUpConfig Configration for a metric based vertical scale-up policy.
oci.bds.models.MetricBasedVerticalScalingPolicyDetails Details of a metric based vertical autoscaling policy.
oci.bds.models.MetricThresholdRule An autoscale action is triggered when a performance metric exceeds a threshold.
oci.bds.models.NetworkConfig Additional configuration of the user’s network.
oci.bds.models.Node Details about a node.
oci.bds.models.OsPatchDetails Details of an os patch.
oci.bds.models.OsPatchPackageSummary Summary of a package contained in a os patch.
oci.bds.models.OsPatchSummary Summary of an available os patch to a cluster.
oci.bds.models.PatchHistorySummary Patch history of this cluster.
oci.bds.models.PatchSummary The patch that is currently available for the cluster.
oci.bds.models.PatchingConfigs Detailed configurations for defining the behavior when installing os patches.
oci.bds.models.RemoveAutoScalingConfigurationDetails The information about the removed autoscale configuration.
oci.bds.models.RemoveCloudSqlDetails The information about the Cloud SQL installation that was removed.
oci.bds.models.RemoveKafkaDetails The information about the Kafka installation to be removed.
oci.bds.models.RemoveNodeDetails The information about node to be removed.
oci.bds.models.RenewCertificateDetails The request body info about renew certificate service list.
oci.bds.models.RestartNodeDetails The information about restarted node.
oci.bds.models.ScheduleBasedHorizontalScalingPolicyDetails Details of a schedule based horizontal autoscaling policy.
oci.bds.models.ScheduleBasedVerticalScalingPolicyDetails Details of a schedule based vertical autoscaling policy.
oci.bds.models.ShapeConfigDetails The shape configuration requested for the node.
oci.bds.models.StartBdsInstanceDetails The request body for starting a BDS cluster.
oci.bds.models.StopBdsInstanceDetails The request body for stopping a BDS cluster.
oci.bds.models.TestBdsMetastoreConfigurationDetails The reqeust body when testing a BDS metastore configuration
oci.bds.models.TestBdsObjectStorageConnectionDetails Test access to specified Object Storage bucket using the API key.
oci.bds.models.TimeAndHorizontalScalingConfig Time of day and horizontal scaling configuration.
oci.bds.models.TimeAndVerticalScalingConfig Time of day and vertical scaling configuration.
oci.bds.models.UpdateAutoScalePolicyDetails Update details of an autoscaling policy.
oci.bds.models.UpdateAutoScalingConfigurationDetails The information about the autoscale configuration.
oci.bds.models.UpdateBdsInstanceDetails The information about to-be-updated Big Data Service cluster.
oci.bds.models.UpdateBdsMetastoreConfigurationDetails The request body when updating BDS metastore configuration.
oci.bds.models.UpdateMetricBasedHorizontalScalingPolicyDetails Update details of a metric based horizontal autoscaling policy.
oci.bds.models.UpdateMetricBasedVerticalScalingPolicyDetails Update details of a metric based vertical autoscaling policy.
oci.bds.models.UpdateScheduleBasedHorizontalScalingPolicyDetails Update details of a schedule based horizontal autoscaling policy.
oci.bds.models.UpdateScheduleBasedVerticalScalingPolicyDetails Update details of a schedule based vertical autoscaling policy.
oci.bds.models.VerticalScalingScheduleDetails Details of a vertical scaling schedule.
oci.bds.models.VolumeAttachmentDetail A detail of the attached block volume.
oci.bds.models.WorkRequest Description of the work request status.
oci.bds.models.WorkRequestError An error encountered while executing a work request.
oci.bds.models.WorkRequestLogEntry A log message from the execution of a work request.
oci.bds.models.WorkRequestResource A resource created or operated on by a work request.