Using the SDK with a proxy serverΒΆ

The Python SDK uses the Requests library to make calls to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. If your environment requires you to use a proxy server for outgoing HTTP requests then you can set this up in the following ways:

  • Configuring environment variable as described here
  • Modifying the underlying Requests Session object for a service client

In order to modify the underlying Session object, you can do something similar to:

import oci

config = oci.config.from_file()
compute = oci.core.ComputeClient(config)

compute.base_client.session.proxies = { 'https': '' }

The key parts are that the underlying Session object can be accessed via base_client.session and we can then modify the proxies dictionary to add any required proxies.

If your proxy uses HTTP Basic Auth, then when setting base_client.session.proxies you can use the http://user:password@host/ syntax to provide the username and password. For example:

compute.base_client.session.proxies = { 'https': '' }