Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Provider

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provider allows you to use Terraform to interact with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources. Wherever you use a Terraform distribution you can use the OCI Terraform provider, including Terraform Cloud and the OCI Resource Manager.

To learn the basics of Terraform using this provider, follow the hands-on get started tutorials on HashiCorp’s Learn platform.

Terraform CLI

For details on configuring the OCI Terraform provider and using it with the Terraform CLI, refer to the official OCI Terraform provider documentation, which includes:

As you write your configuration files, use the left navigation panel on this page to access detailed information about each supported resource and data source.

Resource Manager

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resource Manager is an Oracle-managed service that is based on Terraform and uses Terraform configuration files to automate deployment and operations for the OCI resources supported by the OCI Terraform provider.

Resource Manager allows you to share and manage infrastructure configurations and state files across multiple teams and platforms. This infrastructure management can’t be done with local Terraform installations and Oracle Terraform modules alone. See the Overview of Resource Manager for more information.