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Namespace UpdateNetworkSecurityGroupsDetails

An object representing an updated list of network security groups (NSGs) that overwrites the existing list of NSGs.

  • If the load balancer has no NSGs configured, it uses the NSGs in this list.
  • If the load balancer has a list of NSGs configured, this list replaces the existing list.
  • If the load balancer has a list of NSGs configured and this list is empty, the operation removes all of the load balancer's NSG associations.




Optional networkSecurityGroupIds

networkSecurityGroupIds: Array<string>

An array of NSG OCIDs associated with the load balancer.

During the load balancer's creation, the service adds the new load balancer to the specified NSGs.

The benefits of associating the load balancer with NSGs include:

NSGs define network security rules to govern ingress and egress traffic for the load balancer.

The network security rules of other resources can reference the NSGs associated with the load balancer to ensure access.