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Namespace ListObjectsRequest


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bucketName: string

The name of the bucket. Avoid entering confidential information. Example: my-new-bucket1

Optional delimiter

delimiter: undefined | string

When this parameter is set, only objects whose names do not contain the delimiter character (after an optionally specified prefix) are returned in the objects key of the response body. Scanned objects whose names contain the delimiter have the part of their name up to the first occurrence of the delimiter (including the optional prefix) returned as a set of prefixes. Note that only '/' is a supported delimiter character at this time.

Optional end

end: undefined | string

Object names returned by a list query must be strictly less than this parameter.

Optional fields

fields: Fields

Object summary by default includes only the 'name' field. Use this parameter to also include 'size' (object size in bytes), 'etag', 'md5', 'timeCreated' (object creation date and time), 'timeModified' (object modification date and time), 'storageTier' and 'archivalState' fields. Specify the value of this parameter as a comma-separated, case-insensitive list of those field names. For example 'name,etag,timeCreated,md5,timeModified,storageTier,archivalState'.

Optional limit

limit: undefined | number

For list pagination. The maximum number of results per page, or items to return in a paginated "List" call. For important details about how pagination works, see List Pagination.


namespaceName: string

The Object Storage namespace used for the request.

Optional opcClientRequestId

opcClientRequestId: undefined | string

The client request ID for tracing.

Optional prefix

prefix: undefined | string

The string to use for matching against the start of object names in a list query.

Optional retryConfiguration

retryConfiguration: RetryConfiguration

RetryConfiguration to be used for the request NOTE : Retries are not supported for requests that have binary or stream bodies this also affects UploadManager operations For all requests with binary/stream bodies, retry attempts are not made

Optional start

start: undefined | string

Object names returned by a list query must be greater or equal to this parameter.

Optional startAfter

startAfter: undefined | string

Object names returned by a list query must be greater than this parameter.