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Namespace ListSourceApplicationsRequest


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compartmentId: string

The OCID of a compartment. Retrieves details of objects in the specified compartment.

Optional displayName

displayName: undefined | string

Resource name on which to query.

Optional limit

limit: undefined | number

The number of items returned in a paginated List call. For information about pagination, see List Pagination.

Optional opcRequestId

opcRequestId: undefined | string

Unique Oracle-assigned identifier for the request. If you need to contact Oracle about a particular request, please provide the request ID.

Optional page

page: undefined | string

The value of the opc-next-page response header from the preceding List call. For information about pagination, see List Pagination.

Optional retryConfiguration

retryConfiguration: RetryConfiguration

RetryConfiguration to be used for the request NOTE : Retries are not supported for requests that have binary or stream bodies this also affects UploadManager operations For all requests with binary/stream bodies, retry attempts are not made

Optional sortBy

sortBy: SortBy

Specifies the field on which to sort. By default, TIMECREATED is ordered descending. By default, DISPLAYNAME is ordered ascending. Note that you can sort only on one field.

Optional sortOrder

sortOrder: model.SortOrders

The sort order, either ASC (ascending) or DESC (descending).


sourceId: string

The OCID of the source.