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Interface ListIncidentsRequest


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compartmentId: string

The OCID of the tenancy.


csi: string

The Customer Support Identifier associated with the support account.

Optional homeregion

homeregion: undefined | string

The region of the tenancy.

Optional lifecycleState

lifecycleState: model.LifecycleState

The current state of the ticket.

Optional limit

limit: undefined | number

For list pagination. The maximum number of results per page, or items to return in a paginated "List" call. For important details about how pagination works, see List Pagination.


ocid: string

User OCID for Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) users who also have a federated Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account.

Optional opcRequestId

opcRequestId: undefined | string

Unique Oracle-assigned identifier for the request. If you need to contact Oracle about a particular request, please provide the request ID.

Optional page

page: undefined | string

For list pagination. The value of the opc-next-page response header from the previous "List" call. For important details about how pagination works, see List Pagination.

Optional problemType

problemType: undefined | string

The kind of support request.

Optional retryConfiguration

retryConfiguration: RetryConfiguration

RetryConfiguration to be used for the request NOTE : Retries are not supported for requests that have binary or stream bodies this also affects UploadManager operations For all requests with binary/stream bodies, retry attempts are not made

Optional sortBy

sortBy: model.SortBy

The key to use to sort the returned items.

Optional sortOrder

sortOrder: model.SortOrder

The order to sort the results in.