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Namespace UpdateDrgRouteTableDetails

Details used in a request to update a DRG route table.


Optional definedTags

definedTags: undefined | object

Defined tags for this resource. Each key is predefined and scoped to a namespace. For more information, see Resource Tags.

Example: `{\"Operations\": {\"CostCenter\": \"42\"}}`

Optional displayName

displayName: undefined | string

A user-friendly name. Does not have to be unique, and it's changeable. Avoid entering confidential information.

You can't assign a table to a virtual circuit or IPSec connection attachment if there is a static route rule for an RPC attachment.

Optional freeformTags

freeformTags: undefined | object

Free-form tags for this resource. Each tag is a simple key-value pair with no predefined name, type, or namespace. For more information, see Resource Tags.

Example: `{\"Department\": \"Finance\"}`

Optional importDrgRouteDistributionId

importDrgRouteDistributionId: undefined | string

The OCID of the import route distribution used to specify how incoming route advertisements through referenced attachements are inserted into the DRG route table.

Optional isEcmpEnabled

isEcmpEnabled: undefined | false | true

If you want traffic to be routed using ECMP across your virtual circuits or IPSec tunnels to your on-prem networks, set this value to true on the route table.