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Namespace CreateWaasPolicyDetails

The required data to create a WAAS policy.

*Warning:** Oracle recommends that you avoid using any confidential information when you supply string values using the API.


Optional additionalDomains

additionalDomains: Array<string>

An array of additional domains for the specified web application.


compartmentId: string

The OCID of the compartment in which to create the WAAS policy.

Optional definedTags

definedTags: undefined | object

Defined tags for this resource. Each key is predefined and scoped to a namespace. For more information, see Resource Tags.

Example: `{\"Operations\": {\"CostCenter\": \"42\"}}`

Optional displayName

displayName: undefined | string

A user-friendly name for the WAAS policy. The name can be changed and does not need to be unique.


domain: string

The web application domain that the WAAS policy protects.

Optional freeformTags

freeformTags: undefined | object

Free-form tags for this resource. Each tag is a simple key-value pair with no predefined name, type, or namespace. For more information, see Resource Tags.

Example: `{\"Department\": \"Finance\"}`

Optional originGroups

originGroups: undefined | object

The map of origin groups and their keys used to associate origins to the wafConfig. Origin groups allow you to apply weights to groups of origins for load balancing purposes. Origins with higher weights will receive larger proportions of client requests. To add additional origins to your WAAS policy, update the origins field of a UpdateWaasPolicy request.

Optional origins

origins: undefined | object

A map of host to origin for the web application. The key should be a customer friendly name for the host, ex. primary, secondary, etc.

Optional policyConfig

policyConfig: model.PolicyConfig

Optional wafConfig

wafConfig: model.WafConfigDetails