2 Migrating Performance Management Architect Applications to Data Relationship Management

In release 11.2.0, customers who previously used Oracle Hyperion EPM Architect to manage metadata such as hierarchy members, member relationship structures, and member property values can use Oracle Data Relationship Management instead.

To learn about Data Relationship Management, click here.

In general, the steps to migrate metadata from an Performance Management Architect application to a Data Relationship Management application are:

  1. Export your application metadata from Performance Management Architect to a file using the EPMA File Generator Utility.

  2. Update the file so that it's compatible with Data Relationship Management. This may be a file conversion utility or a manual procedure.

  3. Create an application in Data Relationship Management using predefined templates and import your application metadata (the converted file from step 2) to it.

  4. Manage your metadata in Data Relationship Management.

  5. Export application metadata out of Data Relationship Management and import it into your Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System application.

Going forward, you'll maintain metadata in Data Relationship Management and export it to your application.

For detailed instructions on upgrading to Release 11.2.0, see Upgrading EPM System.

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