Configuring the WebLogic Domain to OID, MSAD, SunOne

This procedure is required to configure the WebLogic domain, or in the case of Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management or Oracle Hyperion Tax Governance, to communicate with an external provider, such as OID, MSAD, or SunOne. Oracle Hyperion Shared Services must also be configured to work with this external provider. Follow the sections specific to your provider.


Financial Close Management and Tax Governance do not support Shared Services Native Directory. The Web Services features of Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management, Oracle Hyperion Provider Services, Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition, and Oracle Hyperion Financial Management do not work with Shared Services Native Directory. See the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System User and Role Security Guide for more information.

To connect OID, MSAD, or SunOne to the WebLogic Server:

  1. Log in to the WebLogic Administration Console if you are not already logged in.
  2. Click Security Realms on the left, click myrealm, and then click the Providers tab.
  3. Click Add, enter the following details, and then click OK.

    For OID:

    • Name - OID

    • Type - OracleIntenetDirectoryAuthenticator

    For MSAD:

    • Name - MSAD

    • Type - ActiveDirectoryAuthenticator

    For SunOne:

    Name - SunOne

    You can ignore the prompt to restart the server; you will be restarting at the end of this procedure.

  4. Click the provider you just added, click the Provider Specific tab, enter the following details for your provider, and then click Save.
    • Host

    • Port

    • Principal

    • Credential

    • User Base DN

    • Group Base DN

    • User from Name Filter (MSAD only)

    • User Name Attribute (MSAD only)

    You can leave the rest of the default values unchanged.

  5. Click OID, MSAD,or SunOne, and for Control Flag, select SUFFICIENT.
  6. Restart WebLogic Server.


When configuring the external provider in Shared Services, make the provider a trusted source to ensure that SSO works.